Men's Club 2

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Taking our ease on Zabriski's Point Death Valley  George Z in front then from left to right Jay Z, Rob M, Keith F, Jason W, Mitch L, Bruce N, and Steve S

The photo on the left was the group riding back from Ballarat.  The Photo on the right was taken by our own Rob M who really captured the stark beauty of the desert in this lonely tree...  Rob is a professional photographer, and it shows!

Below is a shot, also taken by Rob of us taken on top of Spring Mountain just outside of Las Vegas..  Right out of GQ, RIGHT??

Now as if to prove that we have no issues with our sexuality, we have George, Nicknamed KL on the left, with Keith and Jay saying "We are MANLY MEN!" on the right

Taken by Keith, here we are at the top of Towne Pass!