Steve Scheetz
644 Kline Ave #2-A
Pottstown, PA 19465


Skill Name: Skill Level, Last Used, Experience

Problem Solver: Expert, Currently used, 16 years

Business Developer: Expert, Currently used, 9 years

Purchaser: Expert, Currently used, 9 years

Self Educator: Expert, Currently used, 26 years

Analyst: Expert, Currently used, 16 years

Computer Builder: Expert, Currently used, 5 years

Web Designer: Expert, Currently used, 3 years


High School:

Upper Merion High School - King of Prussia Area of Study: College prep courses

7/1993 US Army US-MA-Ft Devens


Course 96-B "Intelligence analyst"

This course taught how to perform research, how to analyze data, and how to apply analysis to various situations.

This course enhanced my problem solving ability, and to this day I use the information I learned there.

6/1989 US Navy US-FL-Pensacola

Course for 98K Signals Intelligence interceptor/analyst

Vocational - Self Taught 09/90 - Present

Developing Business Contacts

Problem Solving


Public Relations

Engineering computers

Building Computers

Loading/Re-loading software at all levels

Web Design, including HTML/DHTML code, and JAVA scripting


Worked on a degree for mechanical engineering, computer engineering, and a degree in business. Due to limitations of time and economics, It became more feasible to take CLEP (College Level Examination Program) tests, audit courses, read books, work computers, and utilizing hands-on business techniques, (as taught by expert sales managers and wholesalers,) to finish my formal education. While I taught myself most of my techniques, I was not afraid to ask those who had more experience/knowledge for advice.

University of Maryland - Germany-Bavaria-Bad Aibling

Drexel University - Philadelphia, PA

Self Taught - PA


General Manager

5/1999 - Present Wasson’s Auto Body King of Prussia/PA

Build client base, handle advertising, buy parts and supplies as needed, make sure work was completed in a timely manner, deal with insurance companies, and advise customers on police reports and insurance checks.

Automobile Wholesaler

6/1995 - 5/1999 R Hollenshead Auto Sales Lancaster, PA

I made new business contacts for both buying and selling. Appraised automobiles and put buy figures on them. Helped sales managers with customer negotiations. These negotiation skills saved each of the car dealerships several thousand dollars, every month.

While working with my drivers, I was able to perform negotiations over the phone, I was able to coordinate with truckers to pick up the cars my drivers were unable to get, and I was able to personally ensure that the cars I bought looked the way each sales manager described them. This enabled me to save a huge amount of money. (Varied on the problem)

I.E. If, when taking a description over the phone, if the sales man said the car was an automatic, and I could see that it had a manual transmission, I could leave the car there, rather than finding this out after I spent money on its reconditioning.

My marketing techniques not only made sure my cars looked the best they could possible look, but I located buyers for the merchandise I bought BEFORE my cars landed on the auction block.

I.E. If I had a low milage Jeep, I would talk to the managers of Jeep dealerships I did business with, so I could ascertain whether or not they could use it. It was this technique, along with others which enabled my cars to make more than other wholesalers. (Even if their cars were in better condition.)

I made myself available for dealerships making deals. While no stranger to cold calling, I was just as comfortable working with new dealerships as I was working with the dealerships I visited regularly. This enabled me to maximize company profits.

Intelligence Analyst

8/1988 - 8/1996 US Army Washington DC

My military background includes 3 years active duty, and 5 years as a reservist. During the first 3 years, electronic warfare was my specialty, while stationed in Bad Aibling, Germany. Most of my job description is classified, but during operation Desert Storm, I was required to add analyst to my job. Upon leaving active duty, I joined the reserves. Fortunately, I was able to remain in the intelligence community for several more years, and found this work enjoyable and fascinating. I added 96B to my resume in 1993. This expanded my horizons extensively. I was requested to appear with other units during their training so I could share my experience and improve their skills.

Due to Government downsizing, I was required to become S-2 NCO of the 416th Civil Affairs Battalion. Despite this could-be set back, I found my responsibilities for this unit to be equally rewarding.

I designed area studies and conducted briefings for potential areas of operation. My skills in research proved invaluable in the performance of these tasks.

The job also required me to perform security interviews with the fellow members of my unit. The goal of these interviews was to discuss, with them, the status of their clearances. Since clearances are required to be renewed, these interviews also doubled as a preliminary background check.

My job required superior problem solving abilities as well excellent communications skills. I achieved expert marksmanship, an Army achievement Medal, a Joint Service Achievement Medal, and an Army commendation Medal.

A Top Secret Security Clearance was required and maintained. Since leaving a need to know environment, my clearance level has been downgraded to Secret, and remains at that level.


I found it necessary to teach myself web design while trying to figure out how to sell a car on Ebay. In order to put a photo of said car in the ad, I was forced to learn how to appropriate web space, how to upload, and the basics in building my first web page.

I handle all of my educational needs in a similar manner. (Finding the information that is needed right away, and then going after additional information that may prove to be useful in future endeavors.) When I need to look up information, I look for it on my web page. I keep up on current events across the globe in the same place.

Prior to my leaving the military, I took the Army OCS test, and scored 151. While I found this to be unremarkable, initially, I discovered This is a test where 73 is passing, and the average is between 84 and 90. The highest score on record before I took it was 115. Living in Europe for 2 years, created the necessity to learn the basics of several languages. One of the perks of being there, was being able to learn the German language.

Finally, I will exceed any expectations one has in my abilities.


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