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Above, is a photo of my biological mother, one of my 5 new siblings an me!! taken Aug 12, 2000... Yes there was already a question, so I'll say it!! I am in the middle!!!

Family web site

Stacy's Page.. (my little sister Awwwwwwwwww)


my photos (if ya wanna gag!)

Family is a VERY cool thing. I am a guy who discovered that he had more people related to him than he EVER thought possible!

Having met everyone only recently, I was amazed as to how easily everyone was able to be integrated into my life (it isn't everyday one finds out that he has 6 siblings instead of 1 LOL)

Firstly, I MUST thank My Aunt Linda, whose creativity showed me that web design was possible! Secondly, (only secondly because I wouldn't be typing this if it hadn't been for Aunt Linda...) I would like to thank my Moms!! In this great trek we call life, I don't believe there is anyone who could have benefited more from the experience of having these 2 women in his/her life than ME!!

Then, to my sisters.... I will not include TJ in this list, but please remember that he is my ONLY brother, and a VERY cool Brother he is! I'll Start with Beth. We shared so many experiences growing up, I can't imagine being who I am without you! Stacy, My FIRST little sister... How is it possible to meet yourself in female form without being overwhelmed? Katie, without whom I wouldn't be typing this at all, Thank you for finding me!! Beth, who is funny, witty, and just a joy to be around! Finally, I am going to give a very special greeting to my brilliant little sister, Natalie, who is downright irresistible!

I will state as fact, that I find it AWESOME to be related to such cool people! There is more to come, but Until then, Browse the page, contact me with stuff you think should be added, and if you listen to the audio clip, you will find a song that holds meaning for me, or stuff I recorded for the site!! Talk to ya soon! Steve

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