What we have been doing:


Over the past 2 years, I, (Steve Scheetz,) have been developing productand we have been developing contacts to sell our product.  Working with Supreme Chemicals of Georgia, we will have a way of selling our product in a retail venue as their company has already created the retail infrastructure required to make this happen.  Consequently, FAS Technology will be purchasing and private labeling two of their products to sell along with Lube 2020 for industrial applications.


Our Company’s Edge:


With all of the initiatives to create “Green Products,” we have seized upon an opportunity that nobody else seems to be pursuing.  The creation of a green spray lubricant that works better than the non-green products!

Three motivated and dedicated individuals whose primary goal is to make FAS Technology extremely profitable.  The three member partners have put their money where their mouth is and have invested in this company and its product line.  

In addition to making our products highly profitable, we intend to market our product line that will be safe for the planet while not compromising effectiveness!