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Towards the end of the season in 2002 I started cycling, and after becoming hooked on the sport almost instantly, I discovered that I my interests were leaning toward riding long distance.  

Talking about ultra-marathon almost always brings up the question:  “How long was your longest ride?”  Most people can not imagine riding, a bicycle, 100 miles in a day (century.)  More unbelievable is riding 200 miles in a day (double century.)  This being said, the concept of doing a Triple Century, Quadruple Century and further distances are completely absurd!  So, when I tell people about the 756 mile Boston Montreal Boston, I am treated to some interesting reactions.

It gives me great pleasure to say that the number of people who ride the absurd distances is growing, and I am proud to number myself amongst them.  

For 2009, I have a full plate.  Beginning with a full Brevet series, I have finished the 200K, I am about to finishe the 300K, with the 400K and 600K coming up shortly.  These rides are always lots of fun, even amid the suffering!  Later in June, the Pennsylvania "Endless Mountains 1000K" will be happening the weekend closest to my Birthday, so, in keeping with tradition, it will be another of my absurd birthday rides...  Earlier in the year, I co-hosted a trip out to the desert with Mitch the Lemur Lesack.  We had a total of 8 guys with us, and we went out, basically to play, on our bicycles.  In August, Mitch and I will be hosting a 600K event that is not sanctioned by anyone other than us, but it should be lots of fun none the less.  Given our dedication to safety, we will be accompanied by a support van that will be able to act should emergencies arise.  

Finally, the main event!  The Endless Mountains 1240....  Having agreed to help Organizer  and friend Tom Rosenbauer, he and I will ride the pre-ride of the event, and then, we will be on hand to help the full field of Randonneurs complete this amazing expression of challenge.  Having ridden in many states, and having seen some of the more amazing features, it was easy to take my own state for granted.  Well, I am very pleased to say that Pennsylvania has some spectacular scenery as well!  The 1240 will be snaking through many beautiful places, including the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania!


 - - Steve Scheetz



Steve Scheetz

Pennsylvania 1 2 hundred Share your bike routes @ Bikely.com

The above is a new training route designed by me.  it is 1280 km in distance, and it crosses over a number of ridges as it bisects Pennsylvania.  This will be used extensively in 2008 for training purposes, and I can now say that the State is just a bit smaller!


At the starting line of the 2006 Furnace Creek 508


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